Street Events

Poptent gazebos for Street Events

Poptents pop up gazebos are great for using in events, particularly those that are outdoors or in the street. This is the use that Poptents initially created their range of pop up gazebos for and is a market their Poptents are extremely good at. Within this article we will firstly talk about the conditions that traders face when at a trade show, how Poptents are so well suited to dealing with these problems and the benefits of having a Poptent in comparison to an alternative.


Having traded full time every weekend, and a lot of weekdays in between, for the past 4 years I have gained some valuable insights into the struggles that traders or exhibitors face on a daily basis. This lays the basis for the article. The first thing about being an exhibitor at an event is getting there early. Getting there early will help you get the site you want as well as catching any early customers. Another secret that exhibitors don't share with customers is that they want to get away from an event as soon as possible- once the serving stops obviously. Poptents pop up gazebos help with both of these aspects as they are so easy to put up and take down. The plastic sliders set under the metal joints help the pop up gazebo do just do that- pop up!


It's also extremely important that your stand is mobile. How often do you have to go to a new show and guess where would be good to set up- fairly often and it's not easy! When you've got it wrong a mobile gazebo is ideal to switch locations and give yourself a better chance of doing well that day. The weight of a Poptent is approximately 30kgs (unweighted). Between 2 people carrying it that is 15kgs each, something that is extremely manageable for two people to manoeuvre to a new site location. Simply drop all 4 legs, pick up either end and slip into the new location and re-erect, with the pull pin legs it really couldn't be simpler!


The realities of working in events, particularly outdoor events, are that you have no idea what the weather will be like at a show until you get there. Of course you prepare for the worst case scenarios but having the faith in your equipment to stand up against the driving wind and rain isn't always there. Having a pop up gazebo by Poptents can give you the confidence. The frames are strong, made with 2mm thick aluminium, reinforced legs and roof bars and metal joints throughout a Poptent pop up tent is strong to hang two or three people off as well as cope with the weather thrown at it! Of course extra weights will needed to be added to a Poptent in windy conditions but you can be confident the frame will not twist or bend under the force of the wind, meaning it will last a lot longer than some of the cheaper alternatives or even the alternatives at a similar price but without the high specification. The Poptent fabric also has a PVC coating which gives the fabric 100% waterproofing. This is further enhanced by the zip lock walls ensuring any Poptent stand is completely waterproof throughout!


Looking great at a show is also vitally important. People generate a perceived level of quality of your products or services with how you look, so you really don't want to look shabby. Poptents can help here too. With our strong gazebo frames your pop up gazebo will hold its shape making it look newer for longer. The fabric on a Poptent is also fitted to the dimensions of the frame which will fill the space of the Poptent frame and be tight with no sagging. This is just an aesthetic look to your gazebo but with more and more customers becoming quality conscious and the degree of quality of competitors, it really is an important factor to consider and act upon.


To sum up, working in events does, whether as a main business function or as a bit on the side, have its problems and implications. It is important to address these issues as easily as possible and with as much damage limitation as possible. Poptents offer a gazebo that allows you to make working at events a lot simpler- we've been there, we know!


In comparison with other pop up gazebo alternatives, there is no premium heavy duty pop up gazebo that has the same specification as a Poptent at this price. By this, we mean that there is nothing on the market with full metal joints throughout, reinforced legs and roof bars, 2mm thick aluminium and 40mm square legs. With a Poptent the frame, roof, 4 walls, steel wheeled bag and a set of straps and pegs are included within the price so a full set up is provided. We hope you have found this information helpful. If we have missed anything or there is anything you would like to add then please post a comment and we will add anything deemed relevant to the article.