15kg stackable gazebo weights

2x15kg Metal Gazebo Weights

Sandbags Weights - Set of Four

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Set of Four Gazebo Sandbags

Pop Up Sandbag Weights (unfilled) Gazebos and tents are bound to be strong enough to withstand windy days but to be sure, it may be best to use sand bag weights for added assurance.  adding weights to place more stability and avoid seeing a tent collapse or fly away.  Speedly free UK delivery can provide you with these weights as well, something you can also purchase together with that lush gazebo and tent you have selected. can be filled with stones, concrete or sand

What's Included
4 x Sandbags (unfilled)

The sand bag weights come with Velcro straps which allow you to secure them better on the tent or gazebo legs, making sure that the added weight and stability are adapted to keep the whole structure prim. Speedly free UK delivery can provide you with these handy accessories, something which you can easily consider to go in hand with other tent or gazebo item purchases. It is advisable you seriously invest in these add-on weights as well, particularly if you plan to frequently utilize tents or gazebos in relation to varied function. The sand bag weights should come in handy for better and reliable shelter made for commercial or private uses.