Rugby / Football

There has been a significant increase in the number of clubs having gazebos on the side of their pitch as they train or at one end of the pitch for selling match programs and merchandise as clubs raise their branding presence and their corporate profile. Specifically within the southern hemisphere with the South African rugby internationals having branded gazebos and a lot of the super rugby franchises also beginning to invest such as the Auckland blues. With this being said it is important for clubs to know what type of pop up gazebos are available and what's involved if you opt for a branded gazebo.


Types of Gazebo

There are many options when it comes to pop up gazebos, from cheaper garden style versions to industrial strength gazebos. At Poptents, we offer one range of gazebo- the heavy duty, industrial strength range and here's why. As many people have found out, the lower quality gazebos from everyday “all in one stores” aren't worth the time or money that you will be putting into them. These gazebos will have poor build quality, often with thin aluminium, weak plastic or nylon joints and fabric that soaks up water rather than repelling it. After this comes the slightly better (using the term better loosely) frames often referred to as pro30/40/50 or 60. These will have slightly thicker aluminium (in some cases), some will have metal joints in the middle of the frame but plastic in the corner and even less will have reinforced bars or legs. With a Poptent, we use 2mm thick T4 aluminium; our legs are 40mm square and reinforced on the inside; the roof bars are also reinforced; metal joints are used throughout the frame, in the corners and middle; and all of our fabric is fitted and waterproofed. Poptents have the frame specifications to ensure that the pop up frame can withstand high pressure winds and a lot of abuse over a period of years. This is important as after spending the time researching, looking into and most importantly buying a pop up gazebo you want it to last and be fit for purpose! Poptents frames are strong enough to hold 2-3 men from the roof without any issues. Poptents offer one range, the highest quality possible -the heavy duty gazebo range- and because we only have one range we cannot be beaten on price- we are often cheaper than the range below a Poptent- the range with plastic corners.


Having a branded pop up gazebo is also a very good idea in adding to your promotional material and marketing collateral. This is being adopted evermore by rugby clubs and football clubs. With gazebos being used by football and rugby clubs, the majority of teams are opting for branded gazebos, adding to their profile. These branded gazebos are being used pitch-side at training sessions to have drinks or a recovery session. Alternatively they are being used as training stations on a pitch, using the branded gazebos as a circuit. They are also frequently being used on match days for promotions, such as official program areas, selling merchandise or highlighting a particular area on a ground. The Auckland blues has their branded tent behind the pitch as a hospitality stand to sell refreshments or official club merchandise.


The printing process is a very important aspect in terms of finished quality. Often branded gazebos can be heat pressed or branded with stickers. These are very poor ways of branding a pop up gazebo as they will often split, crack or peel when being worked or under pressure. Poptents offer a dye sublimated branded gazebo. This finish is an extremely high quality gazebo where the design is actually printed into the fabric. This means we can print any design and match any colour on the branded gazebo to meet specific branding needs.


Having a branded Poptent gazebo means that you are getting a very high quality gazebo with an extremely durable metal pop up frame, and tough high quality fabric that has a very professional finish. The overall package is a tough pop up gazebo that looks great and will take a lot of abuse while remaining professional and strong.