At Poptents, we are often asked if pop up gazebo weights are necessary for a pop up tent and without doubt, the answer is yes. The type of weight isn’t important providing the gazebo is anchored or fixed to something which increases the overall weight of the structure. This can include our slide on weights or if you have a patio/ decking area you could quite easily have some sort of bolt in mechanism to secure the gazebo.

Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo Weights

This is true for all types of pop up gazebo, even our heavy duty grade. Our frames are strong and weighty but that doesn’t mean that the wind won’t be able to lift part of it up. If you are able to pick your gazebo up, so can the wind! Providing the feet are secured and weighted appropriately, the metal joints in the Poptent frames are able to withstand the harsh movements caused by high winds- that is where the heavy duty pop up gazebos stand alone. Lighter, plastic model gazebos will simply weaken and snap in the wind, rendering them useless.

It is also important that the weight is distributed across the full tent. There must be a weight on each leg of the frame. If not, one leg can lift up causing a weakness at the top of the weighted leg which can leave the exposed leg prone to damage.

Poptents provide two options with our weights, we provide 15kg metal weights that are galvanised in an anti rust coating or our strapped sandbag weights which wrap around the base of the leg. Both options will provide enough weight to keep your gazebo down however the metal weights are more practical as they are stackable and will last for many years.