3m orange pop up gazebo awning extension

3m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Orange

4.5m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Blue

4.5m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Blue

3m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Yellow

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3m Yellow Awning

The 3m yellow awning is a gazebo accessory that provides extra rain shelter or sun shade while under your pop up tent. The awning is perfect for trade stands to give extra protection to the front of your stand, whether it be food or products which could be potentially damaged. Joining on the inside of the roof in the same way the side panels do, it provides a waterproof join that keeps the rainwater out. 

Comes with:

2x Fixing Poles 

1x 3m Collapsable pole

3m Yellow Fabric