4.5m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Blue

4.5m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Blue

2m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Blue

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2m Pop Up Gazebo Awning

This pop up gazebo awning extends the front or sides of your gazebo by an additional 90cm providing the perfect amount of protection to your stall. The gazebo awning can act as a sun shade to protect your products or as extra waterproofing for potential customers who are waiting at a market stall. The awning attaches to the top of the leg with two poles supplied and a third collapsable pole runs across the front of the awning connecting the two poles. The awning attaches to the roof using the the velcro strip so is a secure weatherproof join.


  • 2x fixing poles
  • 1x 3m blue fabric
  • 1x collapsable pole

Please note that Poptents Awnings will only fit on Poptents frames