Putting Your Pop Up Gazebo Away

Putting Your Pop Up Gazebo Away

Putting your pop up tent away for the winter months (or for a prolonged period of time) is critical to keeping your fabric clean and fresh for when you are opening it out in the new year. This is particularly important if you have a lighter coloured gazebo that is more likely to show any marks. They key to keeping your gazebo fresh over a long period of time is through prevention. Taking a little bit of time now can save you the time and frustration of having to clean heavily stained fabric when the time comes in the Spring time. These few tips can save you hours and pennies in keeping your Poptent clean!


When it gets dirty, clean it

The longer you leave marks and stains on your tent the longer it has to embed itself in the fabric and increases the likelihood of it becoming a stubborn mark to get out. This also significantly decreases the chances of getting the mark out completely as it will further embeds itself into the fabric. Cleaning the fabric the same day that the marks occur increases the chance for the mark to be removed completely.

Clean the tent before putting it away

Giving the tent a quick clean and can remove any any potential marks from engraining themselves in the fabric before being stored away. The best way to clean the fabric is to use a car wash detergent and some warm water (not hot). You want to let the detergent steep on the fabric before giving it a gentle scrub. Scrubbing too hard may remove the PVC coating that makes the tent waterproof, so do take caution when applying pressure.

clean pop up gazebo fabric

Store it dry

It is important to store the tent completely dry when putting it away for a long period of time. Putting your tent away when wet can cause milldew and damp to appear on the fabric which is very obvious on lighter colours of pop up tents. After cleaning or before storing, open your tent out on a warm or windy day and let all moisture leave the roof and sidewalls. Often people will open their tent completely in a shed or store before putting it away which works well for them. Don't forget to dry the bag as much as possible too, as moisture can transfer from the bag on to the roof.

We hope you find these tips helpful in keeping your tent clean and fresh over the Winter, if you have any tips or things you have tried that has worked in the past, do let us know!