Pop Up Gazebo Buying Guide

strong pop up gazebo

Having dealt with many customers throughout the UK and Ireland we have gained a real understanding of what customers expect from purchasing a pop up gazebo. Unfortunately, there are many cases where customers don't know what they are looking for or who have bought a pop up tent that has lasted six weeks.

Firstly, with so many suppliers of gazebos out there it is hard to know where to begin to look. From the garden style gazebo to the heavy duty grade or commercial grade there is such a wide range, which all differ slightly. The main things you want to consider when purchasing a gazebo are: the thickness of the bars, what it is made from, what joints are in the frame and if there are any reinforcements or additional strength. These are the significant factors determining how strong your new gazebo will be and ultimately how long it will last.

Thickness of Metal

Having thicker bars will prevent the bars from bending or flexing when put under pressure. Once these bars start to bend, even slightly, they are significantly weakened and will usually break in the short term, or effect the ease of using the tents. At the lower end these bars can be as thin as 0.8mm. The market standard of these bars is around 1.5mm where a Poptents bars are 2mm thick.

Type of Metal

A lot of gazebos available on the market are made from steel. The main factor as to why these gazebos are not a good investment is rust. These gazebos will rust when left in wet conditions. This weakens the frame considerably making it almost useless. Poptents use extra strong aluminium which will not corrode. This enhances the lifetime of your gazebo and means you can leave it up in the rain without any cause for concern.


The joints in the frame are one of the most important factors that determine strength and durability. The majority of gazebos on the market will have plastic or nylon joints in the roof. This is a cheaper alternative for manufacturer and will reduce the lifetime of your gazebo. Having metal joints in the roof of your gazebo is vital if you want a tent to last a long time. The metal joints are able to withstand the pressures from wind and any lateral movement in the roof, where plastic joints will weaken and give way. The metal joints act as the suspension in the gazebo roof, preventing and absoring any movements from high winds. Throughout Poptents frames you will find polished aluminium joints, in the middle andthe corners, not one or the other!


Reinforcements are an added bonus. They add considerable strength to the bars in the pop up gazebo frame. Most of the garden type gazebos will not have reinforcements whilst some commercial grades will have them in the roof bars. Poptents are reinforced in the lower legs and in the roof bars. This prevents the frame bars from bending and keeps the tent locked in a braced position, whilst taking some of the pressure of the metal joints.

When you're looking at a pop up gazebo, whether it be for events or exhibitions, for your sports club, for promotional work or for your company that needs to be mobile, it is important that you know what you're buying. From our experience, clients don't know what they are looking for or have came to us because they have bought something that couldn't withstand a breeze. Be informed when you are looking at a pop up gazebo and always go for a heavy duty grade!