Stand Out From Your Competitors

Enhance Your Brand and Stand Out From Your Competitors

So you have had a summer of trading under your belt in 2016 and overall you are happy with the impact you have had, but how much are you really lacking or leaving behind? This piece will give you a few quick points on what to think about when heading into the Winter trading season and will stand you in good stead when the summer trade comes back around!

A branded pop up gazebo can go a long way in helping you stand out from competitors. Having a company logo and business name on the roof a long with a bright colour scheme can pay dividends in terms of attracting attention. This is even more the case when you are the only branded gazebo in the area. Check out this picture from Mezze, a customer of ours, where they were the only stand that had a branded pop up. Guys from an office block took this picture and then came to tell them how they could see them from so far away!

branded pop up tent standing out

The more branding you can add to your stand the better, as this gives you more of a visual impact than a plain colour- as well as giving your customers information about who you are and what you do! Branding a pop up gazebo also gives you a professional image and credibility which will increase the likelihood of someone stopping with you.

Merchandising is a key aspect of your display. Having your stand as full as possible and in a creative way that sets your stand apart is a great way of adding attention to your stand and having people look into your stand when they are walking by. If you can, let your customers get close to your products so they can get their hands on it, if you serve food, having a grill at the front can entise customers with the smell!

Having a visual prop or a focus point to the stand can gain interest in your stand as people walk past. Having something that is clearly visible to potential customers as they walk past can spark a conversation or generate an idea in the customers head that could possibly lead to a conversation.

They key message to getting noticed when at events and shows is to do something in order to stand out from your competitors. Whether you have a branded gazebo, a well merchandised stand or a huge prop or deal that will give passers by something to talk about. You should be doing at least something to start to get yourself recognised when at events!

We have noticed a huge increase in the amount of printed pop up tents in recent months, clearly showing the state of play is changing to a personalised interaction between customer and a brand. If you are considering getting a pop up tent for markets, food stalls or business promotions your best option could be to jump in from the start. It may well do you the best in the long run, give us a call and we can discuss the options available to you.