1. Benefits of a Poptent Gazebo for Outdoor Workers

    When it comes to Autumn and Winter the weather turns drastically and any reliability we had in the forecast is quickly diminished. Long evenings draw to a close and we have shorter days and even fewer of them dry. In this instance it is imperative that you are able to carry on working given the unreliability in the weather.

    This is where a Poptents heavy duty gazebo can help. Using a Poptent can allow you to create a work station where you can continue to work outside whether it be setting up a chop saw or covering an area of a patio to lay. Poptents are perfect for many trades including joiners, kitchen fitters and landscapers as the temporary pop up structure can be set up in a matter of minutes and create a dry environment. The benefits of having a Poptent is a strong aluminium construction with aluminium joints throughout the entire structure so it can withstand our weather and is fully waterproof meaning your tools don’t get wet. Poptents come as standard with a set of f

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  2. The Best Pop Up Gazebo For a Sports Club

    A pop up gazebo can be a very beneficial tool for a sports team. Over the last couple of years we have noticed a massive surge in demand for our pop up gazebos from sports teams throughout the country. They are a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of settings in the team/competition setting. Some of those uses are:

    • To act as a base at competitions
    • To provide rain cover or shade at training sessions
    • For promotions within the club such as fundraising, BBQ’s, family days etc.
    • To provide sheltered viewing for spectators
    • A portable dug out / bench solution

    We have our heavy duty pop up gazebos used by many clubs including rowing clubs, athletics, cycling, rugby and football. Each club has their own unique requirements but the fact the gazebos can be doubled up across a wide range of uses makes it so versatile and once you have it you will use it for almost anything. The reason they are so versatile is because t

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  3. Should I Buy a Heavy Duty Aluminium Gazebo or Steel?

    If you are in the market for a heavy duty grade of gazebo you will have no doubt came across many configurations of leg size, legs gauge, joint type and steel or aluminium structure. It is without doubt quite a lot of information and difficult to compare products like for like to ensure your purchase will match your expectations. With this guide we aim to start a conversation on which type of structure is better suited to your requirements: aluminium or steel?

    Firstly, it is important that your new heavy duty gazebo is strong enough to withstand windy conditions, it is fully waterproof (otherwise what’s the point?) and it blocks harmful UV rays.

    Both aluminium and steel gazebos have their uses, light recreational use would typically suit a steel gazebo where heavier, more often use would suit an aluminium gazebo due the strength and durability advantage. We will discuss the following points to allow you to form your own opinion on what type of gazebo is better suited f

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  4. Poptents Pop Up Gazebos Ued for Covid Testing

    Throughout the pandemic Poptents pop up gazebos have been used to provide a temporary pop up shelter in order to administer vaccinations and provide Covid testing. This has been ramped up over the Winter period with greater numbers of Poptents gazebos being used throughout the country by multiple health organisations. The most popular size has been the 3m x 3m pop up gazebo although the 3m x 4.5m and 3m x 6m has also proved popular depending on the individual circumstance. We are now seeing more pop up tents being used for workplace testing, such as on construction sites and even schools.

    We anticipate this trend to continue throughout the Winter period as testing appears to move to self-testing/workplace testing. Poptents gazebos can provide a quick to erect, strong and stable pop up shelter for Covid testing in a range of sizes to suit your specific space and need.

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  5. An Update on Coronavirus Funding and Grants Available

    An updated version of the available grants and funding that is available across the UK and Ireland.
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  6. Covid Grant Funding Info for Business and Community Groups

    Second Tranche of Covid-19 Support Grant Available

    Across Northern Ireland there is a variety of grants and funding available at the moment. These are put in place to help business and communities to continue their work whilst dealing with the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions. We have put together a brief rundown of what is available with links, where applicable, for you to get more information. If interested in an official quote from Poptents for any of our gazebos please get in touch and we can send this straight to your email in a matter of minutes.

    There is a second round of grant funding available across Northern Ireland which is on a first come first served basis, so it is important to act quickly. Different council areas have different opening dates.


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  7. Pop Up Gazebo Used During Covid-19

    A little about how we have been helping other business serve their customers during the ongoing coronavirus and how you can contact us

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  8. Community Grants Fund for Rebuilding after Covid

    A quick link for those seeking some more information regarding grants available in their area for their community during covid.
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  9. Branding a Gazebo for Christmas Markets

    A quick insight on how to better stand out at Christmas Markets

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  10. Poptents Gazebos Withstand Strong 80Km/Hr Winds

    With new regulations coming to effect regarding the use of pop up gazebos at large outdoor events Poptents have had testing done to prove that our gazebos can withstand the required windspeed and comply with regulations. This means Poptents pop up gazebos can be used at these events where others would not.

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