Landscape Gardeners

Throughout the year it is important for a lot of landscape gardeners or outside contractors to be working in dry conditions, especially when building or laying concrete. In bad weather having a Poptent pop up gazebo can allow gardeners or contractors to continue working by creating a dry workspace that remains out of the elements. Poptents have been previously used by pond diggers, brick layers, patio and decking installers and for tarmacking driveways. With a lot of outdoor use it is important to have a strong pop up gazebo that can withstand pressure as in general the pop up tent will be used in adverse weather. Poptents gazebos can be popped up in a few minutes giving you instant shelter and protection.


Poptents are designed to be used in harsh unfavourable weather conditions which is why the Poptents range is so popular for outdoor use. Poptents offer one range of pop up gazebo- the heavy duty range. These tents have an extremely high specification that make for a gazebo that is strong and durable. Poptents offer a fully metal frame 2mm thick aluminium with metal joints throughout, reinforced legs and roof bars, 40mm square legs and a strong locking system. This gives for a frame where the legs and roof bars will not bend or flex, there will be little lateral movement between the joints in the roof and the metal joints are able to withstand any lateral movement whilst remaining strong. Poptent frames are strong enough to hang 2 or 3 people from the middle of roof with no problems.


The other Pop up gazebos (referred to as Pro 30/40/50/60) will often have no reinforcements on the insides of the legs or roof bars, they will have plastic/nylon joints throughout or in the corners and they will have thinner metal of 1.5mm thickness. As a result these frames metal will irreversibly bend or flex in the wind, the lateral movement in the roof will move and weaken the plastic joints in the roof which will eventually break. These tents aren't very robust or durable and will tend to break/ be damaged in the short term.


Poptents fabric is a tough 100% polyester with PVC coating that is completely waterproof which is vital for outdoor work in bad weather. The roof and sides are joined by an industrial strength velcro strip and the sides join to the legs via velcro as well as zip locking together in the corners. These joins give a very secure connection that ensures no water or wind gets to the inside of the pop up gazebo creating a secure temporary structure.


Poptents pop up gazebos are extremely well suited for working outdoors and allowing gardeners/contractors etc to continue working outdoors in bad conditions. They can pop up in a few minutes and are more than strong enough to handle harsh weather conditions. Being completely waterproof Poptents gazebos are an ideal solution which allows you to work on in the dry when it's raining.