5m x 5m Inflatable Tents

5m x 5m Inflatable Tents

6m x 6m Inflatable Dome

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Poptents inflatable shelters are renowned for high quality, practical construction with tough but lightweight materials; this allows our inflatable domes to be erected anywhere. The 6m x 6m inflatable dome is extremely well protected against damage and over inflation. The tubes are double lined to reduce the risk of puncture with the outer layer being protected against rips and tears with its excellent tear strength. Each foot also has its own PVC mesh layer to further protect the base of each leg- we call this the elephant’s foot.
Poptents spider domes are modular, meaning they can be erected individually or together in a chain using the connector canopies. each side is capable of using any of the accessories range as all accessories have been made using the same zipper attachment meaning a wall, an awning or a connector can all go on the same side without the need for specific attachments.
The printing process used in our branded spider domes is dye sublimation. This means your artwork is actually printed into the fabric of the tent, not just heat pressed on to it. It also means you can print in as many colors you like or include as much branding as you see fit for no extra cost. Printing can be on the roof of the four legs and also to the walls in one color or a full variety.

Further Info:

Poptents inflatable spider domes are constructed using four inflatable inner tubes contained in one X shape. Each leg takes approximately 30secs to inflate meaning your inflatable dome is up in 2-3 minutes. Each leg is also filled with an over inflation valve that will release air in case of over filling or if the air temperature inside the leg begins to rise. Once sealed, there is no need to top up the air or keep filling; it will be airtight for 30 days