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3m x 3m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Orange

3m x 3m Heavy Duty Gazebo - White

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Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo Specification

The 3m x 3m white heavy duty pop up gazebo is our most popular product. The size is perfect for such a wide range of uses that makes the 3x3m gazebo transfer across all industries. It's great for promotional work, street events, mini markets, indoor and outdoor exhibitions, pop up screen rooms , sports clubs and mobile services. The frame makes it so adaptable across industries and the white acts as a blank canvas for you to make your mark!

Gazebo Frame Specification

The 3m x 3m frame is the most popular frame within our option. This is due to the superior strength capabilities of a Poptent and the medium size which can be used for so much. The 3m x 3m frame is made of 1.5m roof bars and 40mm square legs. Both the roof bars and legs are reinforced on the inside with additional aluminium. The aluminium used throughout the frame is 2mm thick T4 extra strong aluminium. The complete frame is made of aluminium with all the polished aluminium joints. The signifance of the metal gazebo frame is that the bars in the frame will withstand the harsh conditions and not bend or flex while the metal joints prevent and handle any lateral movement in the roof. This makes for a strong pop up gazebo that will withstand strong winds and remain in a braced position. The frame will easily take the weight of 2-3 men hanging from the middle of the frame.

Gazebo Fabric Specification

Poptents fabric is a strong and durable 100% Polyester with a 600D rating. This rating adds a real durability and strength to the fabric whilst remaining flexible and lightweight. There is a PVC coating on the fabric which gives the fabric it's high quality finish and waterproofing. As well as being waterproof the fabric is also UV resistant and flame retardant certified. The side walls join to the roof by an industrial strength velcro strip along the top edge of the wall and inside of the roof. The sides also join to each leg of the metal gazebo frame by velcro as well as zip locking together for a secure connection.


  • Thick Aluminium Frame
  • T4 Extra Strong Aluminium
  • Reinforced Legs and Roof Bars
  • Metal Joints Throughout

What's Included

Included with the 3x3m heavy duty pop up gazebo is the heavy duty frame, roof, 4x sidewalls, steel wheeled carry bag and a set of straps and roof.


The 3m x 3m Poptent can be easily popped up on almost any type of ground due to the nature of the legs. Each leg has 6 different locking positions that can all act independently. This means each leg can be set to it's own height that allows you to set up a Poptent on a steep slope or uneven surface whilst keeping the roof level which prevents lift from strong winds.

Unrivalled Quality

Poptents 3m x 3m is our flagship gazebo. It is the most common gazebo and will be the most viewed by potential clients. Poptents 3m x 3m gazebos are so popular because they offer real value with their properties. The specification makes these gazebos the strongest gazebo possible whilst others offer a singular aspect or a combination of the specification. Poptents offer one range of gazebos with the aim of supplying the strongest gazebo on the market. This is the reason we will not be beaten on price on a like for like or similar product basis.


Poptents carry a full range of replacement parts and spares that can cover any part of the gazebo in the instance where your Poptent will need something. This can happen through misuse or simply due to the strong weather conditions. We have a full array of parts in stock that can be dispatched immediately to have you up and going again.

Wind Information

The following wind information is to be used for guidance only. In extreme instances of weather your Poptent should always be taken down and stored appropriately. The results in the table below were achieved in a controlled environment during wind tunnel testing. There figures below are based on 240kg of weights (A) and 240kg weights paired with guy ropes supporting the roof of the structure (B). The 240kg of weights were applied evenly across all four legs.



A – 240kg Metal Weights

B – 240Kg Metal Weights & Guy Ropes

3m x 3m

53mph / 80kmph

>80mph / 130kmhr