Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebos

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At Poptents, we provide one range of heavy duty pop up gazebos, pop up tents or mini marquees. This is because we are fully aware of the importance of having a gazebo that you can rely on when at an event or a show; when you are promoting your business or club; or when you are working under the gazebo on a new product or a repair for a customer. It is vital to have a gazebo that is strong enough to be able to withstand high winds; be waterproof; and in case of an emergency be completely fire retardant, all whilst being easy to use and operate. This is where Poptents heavy duty range of pop up gazebos comes in. The strong construction of our tents and the high quality fabric ensures that all of our gazebos are fit for the purpose of acting as a shelter. If we had a lesser quality product, we would be doing you a disservice.

Poptents Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo Frames

The strong construction of Poptents frames comes from the build materials. Grade A aluminium with 2mm thick walls lays a foundation for the strength of a Poptent. 40mm legs with added reinforcements on the inside provide additional strength to the legs and comprehensive 30x15mm roof bars ensure that Poptents framework will not bend. These combined with Poptents heavy metal gazebo joints throughout the roof canopy and pull pins means the roof canopy will not give in under extremely high winds. The metal joints act as the suspension to the frame, preventing any lateral movement in the gazebo canopy and maintaining the bars braced position. For added dampening, our centre poles are now spring loaded to combat the effect of strong gusts. Ease of use is still a priority and Poptents easy glide sliders allow a Poptent to be erected in around a minute (less than 30 seconds if you’ve had some practice).Gazebo Strength Features        

Poptents Waterproof Gazebo Fabric

The fabric in a Poptent is PVC coated polyester which gives Poptents gazebos complete waterproofing, UV resistance and wind resistance. In addition, Poptents have had the fabric fire retardant certified, this certificate is available on request as it is essential to gain access to specific shows. The grading and weight of Poptents fabric is 600D and 420gsm which is a tough, durable and workable fabric which prevents the fabric from ripping and splitting in strong winds.

If you intend on using a pop up gazebo for your business or club it is important to know what it is you are getting as they can be a large investment for both clubs and business. Get it right from the outset and speak to one of our members of staff for any clarifications about a Poptent.