3m x 3m red heavy duty pop up gazebo with sides

3m x 3m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Red

3m x 3m Printed Gazebo - Coffee

3m x 3m Printed Gazebo - Coffee

UK Union Flag Jubilee Gazebo (Frame, Roof and Three Walls)

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The perfect pop up gazebo to mark the Jubilee! Our heavy duty branded gazebo incorporates the Union Flag on to all four sections of the roof and included on the full three walls of the gazebo to the exterior.

The gazebo fabric has been dye sublimated and is therefore a really high quality print that will last and not peel or crack. It is fully waterprooof, UV resistant and fire retardant certified. The sidewalls attach to the inside of the gazebo roof, strap to the legs of the structure and zip together for a secure seal.

The gazebo structure itself is our renowned 3m x 3m heavy duty gazebo frame! It is comprised of our 40mm square reinforced legs complete with metal joints throughout the structure, no nylon or plastic for maximum strength and durability!

What a wonderful way to celebrate British National Day using this UK Flag Tent. This is a square tent that measures 3m x 3m. The whole structure is sturdily supported by large aluminium bases attached to the ends of each leg. This base is big enough to hold up the weight of the whole tent and can be easily hammered to any surface.

This UK Flag tent also has legs that are as strong as a stone foundation. The legs are made from gauge aluminium and each has reinforced panels within. These strong long legs are secured to a certain height using sliding joints that have a locking mechanism. This tent also has a thick and industrial-strength canopy. The roofing has a UK flag design that adds a touch of nationalism to the entire gazebo. It is made from high quality materials with special polyester PVC coating that protects the roof from water and UV rays.

This UK flag roof is connected to the tent’s frames using roof ribs. These roof ribs have the same reinforced panels inside them to make it stronger. Place an order now and receive your UK Flag Tent package straightaway with speedly free UK delivery.