3m x 3m yellow industrial pop up gazebo with sides

3m x 3m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Yellow

3m x 4.5m black heavy duty pop up gazebo with sides

3m x 4.5m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Black

3m x 6m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Blue

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Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo

Poptents 3m x 6m blue pop up gazebo is another very popular option amongst our range. The extra size makes these pop up tents perfect for exhibitions, events, stallholders, sports clubs, contractors and for showing cattle. The strength of the frame is what allows this frame to be used across such a diverse range of uses as it can be erected in any type of weather conditions.

Heavy Duty Gazebo Frame

The 3m x 6m frame is made up of 3 sets of legs, each 3m apart. These legs are reinforced on the inside and are 40mm square. The roof bars are also reinforced and measure 30x15mm. These bars, like the entire frame, are made of 2mm thick aluminium. This ensures that these bars can take high pressures and will not bend under the strains from wind. Aluminium joints through the whole frame also adds considerable strength to the frame, acting as the suspension preventing and absorbing any movements in the roof. Metal joints are essential as plastic/nylon joints can easily weaken or snap in even moderate conditions. The centre poles are also spring loaded to dampen the affects of strong winds. Poptents 3m x 6m Poptent will take the weight of 4 men hanging from the roof of the frame, showing the overall impressive strength of our pop up structures.

Waterproof, Durable Fabric

Poptents fabric is made of 100% polyester with a PVC coating. This gives the fabric a professional looking finish as well as ensuring the 100% waterproofing that is so important. Poptents fabric is also UV resistant and flame retardant certified, meaning it is possible to cook under a Poptent safely and at events. The side walls join to the roof by an industrial strength velcro strip in addition to strapping to each leg of the 3m x 6m aluminium frame. The sides also zip together in the corners and will join together in the middle leg of the 6m side.


Delivery is included free of charge for the blue 3m x 6m Poptent and all accessories. Delivery will be within 2 days usually and can be within 1 if ordered early in the morning. Please contact our office for clarity on next day delivery or for Saturday delivery.

What's Included

Included with the 3m x 6m heavy duty commercial pop up gazebo is: 3m x 6m frame. 3m x 6m blue roof, 6x 3m blue sides, steel wheeled carry bag and a set of straps and pegs.

3m x 6m Blue Pop Up Marquee erect in minutes take down in minutes see video. Strongest poptent in the world Free UK delivery

Wind Information

The wind information detailed in this section should be used as guidance only. In the instance of extreme weather or strong winds your Poptent should always be taken down and stored until the weather has passed. You should always air on the side of caution. The results in the below table were obtained during our wind tunnel testing where all ballasting was applied evenly over the six legs and the guy ropes were secured from the corners.



A – 300kg Metal Weights

B – 300Kg Metal Weights & Guy Ropes

3m x 6m

50mph / 80kmph

>80mph / 130kmhr