Gazebo's for Rally

Strong pop up gazebo's are a great way for rally and touring teams to showcase their cars when they are at an event and not on the track. Pop up gazebo's can also double up as a mechanics space when repairs or tweaks need to be made to the car behind closed doors. However there can be some problems with getting a heavy duty/industrial strength pop up gazebo for such testing conditions that occur in the rally scene. With the rally season being an event that runs from the end of January to the end of November it is vital that you have a strong pop up gazebo that is also durable and built to survive everything that is thrown at it. This is where a strong Poptent gazebo comes in. Poptents provide the strongest and toughest commercial pop up gazebos in the UK, making Poptents the perfect rally gazebo supplier in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

A strong pop up gazebo by Poptents fits the bill for every occasion. The strong build of our pop up tents means that they can take a lot of abuse. The result is a durable pop up tent that looks great and does a great job. Poptents pop up gazebo's are made of grade A aluminium which has a thickness of 2mm and 40mm width. The legs and roof bars of our industrial gazebo's are reinforced with additional aluminium for added strength as well as having metal joints throughout the entire frame. Poptents strong pop up gazebos have a specialised locking system that ensures your frame is locked to the upright position regardless of what weather is thrown at it. The tough fabric of our pop up gazebos is designed to be bright and durable, amongst other qualities. The gazebo roof is made of Polyester with a PVC coating which ensures the gazebos roof is 100% waterproof, UV resistant as well as being flame retardant. This allows for mechanical work to be done under your pop up gazebo without the worry of ripping or destroying the fabric.

Poptents easy pop up gazebos can be used to show off your rally car in between circuits, to show off a fleet of rally cars under a team branded gazebo or by traders to merchandise and sell rally goods. Poptents pop up gazebo's are currently used throughout all uses previously mentioned: Our 3m x 4.5m pop up gazebo will hold one car under it side ways, or two cars front facing. Poptent heavy duty 6m x 3m pop up gazebo allows the same but the size of the 3m x 6m gazebo, especially when customised, provides a huge visual impact and really makes a statement- especially with 2 rally cars underneath the canopy!

Poptent pop up gazebos are made to one premium specification throughout our entire range, so you know you are getting a very high quality, strong pop up tent. This is achieved through our immensely strong frames. Poptent frames are made of 40mm aluminium square legs with a 2mm thickness with reinforced legs and roof bars. Our frames will easily hold 2 or more people hanging off the frame. The metal joints add a lot of strength to your gazebo as well as being a major factor contributing the durability. The metal joints take the abuse of the brutal wind and ensures your Poptent doesn't flex or bend. This is what makes Poptent gazebo's perfect for rallying, they are able to take the abuse and tough weather conditions that are thrown at them!