Gazebos for Mobile Services

Recently there has been a surge in services becoming mobile, expanding their reach and their potential for growth. Across a wide range of uses, from engine cleaning, to valeting, tinting, tarmacking and even home improvements. We have experience of these industries using a pop up tent to create a temporary pop up room that shelters them and what they are working on. Those who are in mobile services surrounding cars use a pop up gazebo to shelter the car whilst the perform engine maintenance, tint the windows or perform a full valet for example. Although any type of gazebo can be used for this line of work, it's better to have a stronger gazebo that you can rely on, especially when your business can depend on it.

When you are looking for a pop up gazebo it is important to look at the specification of the fabric and the frame. You will want something strong, heavy, lightweight and workable. A lot of the gazebos on the market will have thin aluminium or steel and plastic/ nylon joints in the roof of the frame. This results in a weaker frame that will give in or be weakened in bad weather conditions, leaving you exposed for another day. Poptents frames are all the heavy duty grade. This means they have 2mm thick aluminium, reinforced legs and roof bars and metal joints throughout. The result is a seriously strong pop up gazebo that can be relied on day in day out. Poptents gazebos are able to hold the weight of two or three men hanging from the roof of the frame without a problem and we have frames that have been in heavy use every weekend for the past 8 years!

Poptents fabric is a 100% waterproof PVC coated polyester that is also UV resistant and fire retardant certified. This gives for a waterproof and fire safe pop up gazebo, which is a must in some of the mobile services industries. It's a tough, weighty 420D polyester that remains tough and durable as well as being lightweight and workable. The walls join together in the corners by zip as well as by velcro strips around each leg. This secure connection keeps the elements out and lets you work in a calm, dry and clean environment.

When choosing a pop up gazebo, opt for a heavy duty commercial gazebo by Poptents. The strongest gazebo on the market that is made to be strong and durable.