Gazebos for Festivals

Pop up gazebos are a huge part of festivals and are often used for hospitality stands, selling food or drinks and acting as a pop up ticketing stand. With this in mind and some of the horrible weather conditions that are around during the festival season it is important to have a gazebo that is strong while looking professional throughout the event. For safety reasons it is important to have a pop up marquee that is strong to withstand the weather as well as looking good to add to the organisers branding and overall brand image. This is where Poptents can come in and help.


On the market there are a wide range of gazebo options from lower quality “garden type” structures that will collapse in a breeze compared to the heavy duty pop up gazebo which can withstand just about anything provided it is weighed down properly. In between there are the so called pro 30/40/50 or 60 ranges which all claim to be the best on the market. These frames will often do a job for the owner or “will do” but in general aren't very strong or durable These tents will often have 1.5mm thick aluminium, plastic/nylon joints throughout the frame, or at least in the corners, and have no reinforcements- all whilst soaking up water rather than repelling it. Poptents offer a heavy duty pop up tent that is designed specifically with outdoor events and bad weather conditions in mind. Poptents are made of 2mm thick T4 aluminium, the legs are 40mm square with added reinforcements on the inside- as do the roof bars. There are metal joints throughout the entire frame and a strong locking system which ensures the Poptent stays erect. The heavy tent specification ensures that Poptents heavy duty gazebo frames will not bend or flex in the wind and stay in a braced position. It also means that Poptents can handle a lot of abuse and withstand being thrown about.


Poptents fabric is also extremely hard wearing due to the materials used. The fabric is made of PVC coated polyester which gives a high quality finish as well as being completely waterproof, UV resistant and flame retardant. This means it is safe and suitable to cook under a tent which makes an Poptent ideal for the hospitality industry or for festivals wanting to cook food for festival go-ers. The roof and walls are made out of the same high quality fabric and join together by an industrial velcro strip along the inside of the roof and top edge of the wall. The walls also zip lock together in the corners and velcro attach to the legs of the tent for a secure connection.


For events that require a strong temporary structure that allows for a wide range of uses, is strong enough to handle harsh weather and abuse while looking great it has to be a Poptent. Poptents can also print specific branding onto a Poptent to match the branding/promotional needs of the company. We use a dye sublimation process and actually print into the fabric of the roof which leaves a high quality image with crisp edges while remaining durable and hard wearing. This is a higher quality process than heat pressing, stickers or screen print as these methods can often crack or split when being over worked.