Poptent for Cycling

Poptents heavy duty pop up gazebo's are great for cyclists as the heavy duty strength ensures the pop up gazebo stays in its' location throughout the day. Poptent commercial gazebo's can be customised to an extremely high standard with any branding, colour scheme and text which make Poptents pop up gazebos perfect for cycling. We are able to customise your pop up gazebo to have your cycling clubs colours and logo's printed onto the sides and roof of your gazebo. This means that at every cycling event you can take out a Poptent pop up gazebo to highlight a meeting point, sell refreshments to those on the finish line, sell merchandised equipment, act as a base for your team at a race or to use as a promotional tool at events to increase participation. The possible uses for your Poptent pop up gazebo really are huge.


Within cycling, there are two sizes that our customers usually opt for. The 3m x 3m commercial strength pop up gazebo is great for the selling and promotional side of cycling. The 3m x 3m pop up tent is great as it can fit in most spaces and the visual impact our custom tents provide is guaranteed to get people looking at your stand and what you have to offer. This is ideal for selling refreshments/goods at a cycling event with the aesthetics of your pop up gazebo really drawing attention towards your stand. The 3m x 3m pop up gazebo is also well suited to those teams who are out for a day event. The size of the 3m x 3m gazebo is great to fit two or three bikes with room to work on the bikes and fix any running repairs. The 3m x 4.5m pop up gazebo is also a very well suited size of gazebo for cycling. With the ability of turning the gazebo to front face either 3m or 4.5m it allows for some adaptability to suit the environment in which you want to erect your pop up gazebo. Again, the 3m x 4.5m pop up gazebo is perfectly suited for cycling with its superior strength and its ease of use- it will be put up in a matter of minutes! The 3m x 4.5m pop up can hold around 10 bikes (with reasonable spacing) and allows you to have 4 under the gazebo whilst allowing you to work on them too


The Poptent heavy duty gazebo frame itself is made of thick aluminium (2mm) which has reinforced legs and roof bars for added extra strength, something our competitors don't offer. All of the joints in the gazebo are made of metal which also increases strength dramatically. The locking system is of extremely high quality which ensures your tent will stay up throughout extremely tough winds. Poptents gazebo's also have easy slide gliders, this makes our Poptent gazebo's slide into their opened position really easily. You really will have these tents up in a few minutes.


The fabric of Poptents pop up gazebo's is PVC coated polyester which gives the Poptent complete waterproofing as well as being UV resistant and flame retardant.