Pop Up Gazebo for Contractors

Certain jobs within contracting require a dry environment in order to complete work. Whether it be laying a decking/patio, brick laying, pouring concrete or tarmacking a dry environment will more often than not finish the job sooner as well as having a higher quality finish. Having a temporary structure that can be popped up in minutes can have a huge impact on efficiency and finished product. Poptents offer a heavy duty gazebo range that are very strong, durable and are made to last. The fabric is also completely waterproof which is a big advantage for those working outside in poor weather.


Firstly, it is important to know the ranges of pop up gazebos or marquees on the market, as there are a lot of options. Generally, gazebos are divided up into categories (pro 30/40/50/60) which are called commercial grade or similar. These tents will often have thinner aluminium 1.5mm thick, no reinforcements and plastic or nylon joints in the roof. These “pro” tents will either have all of these features or a combination of them.


Poptents offer one range in various sizes. The heavy duty pop up gazebo range is a high quality pop up tent with a high specification. The aluminium is 2mm thick and is extra strong T4 Aluminium, there is metal joints throughout the entire frame, the roof bars and legs are reinforced on the inside and the legs are 40mm square. What this specification means is that the legs and roof bars will withstand strong winds without bending or flexing, keeping a strong rigid structure. The metal joints in the roof will have very little lateral movement and the metal joints will handle any lateral movement where a plastic/nylon joint will weaken and break. Poptents are strong enough to handle the weight of 2-3 men hanging from the middle of the frame.


In comparison to other pop up gazebos on the market the aluminium used is typically 1.0/1.5mm thick, the legs and roof bars are not reinforced and the joints are made from nylon / plastic, at least in the corners or the full canopy. The result is a flimsier frame that cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. The bars/legs of the frame cannot withstand the pressure put on them and will inevitably bend, weakening the structure of the frame completely. The plastic or nylon joints in the roof will also not be able to withstand the lateral movement in the roof and will, again, weaken over time and break.


Poptents come complete with the heavy duty frame, roof, 4 sidewalls, a wheeled carry bag and a set of straps and pegs. Delivery is included throughout the UK and Ireland and is usually delivered within 2 working days of order.