4.5m Gazebo Banner Bars

4.5m Gazebo Banner Bars

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4.5m Gazebo Gutter

2x15kg Metal Gazebo Weights

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Metal Gazebo Weights Description

Extra weight is necessary to hold gazebos in place. Poptents heavy duty pop up gazebos are made with durability and stability in mind. But we recommend these metal weights to add stability during adverse weather conditions. These metal weights are a perfect choice when extra stability is required by the circumstances.

We would recommend that you use two sets of metal gazebo weights. Each set comes with two leg weights, with a mass of 15 kg each weight. The pair of leg weights can be used separately or as a pair. The leg weights are suitable for use with all the range of poptents available.

Sold in a set of 2x 15kg Metal Weights (30kgs)

When it's breezy and you have an event outside, gazebos may become unstable. When you need additional weight to keep your tents in place, these metal weights will do the job for you. The metal gazebo weights come in a set of two, each weighing 15 kg. Normally, poptents of these sizes: 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m, and 3m x 4.5m would need two sets of weights. Meanwhile, a 3m x 6m poptents would require three sets of weight.

The metal weights are suitable for all range of poptents instant shelters. They can be used separately or as a pair depending on your needs. Poptents marquees and gazebos are made of high quality material making them durable enough to withstand the test of time. They are easy to setup and take down and are designed with portability in mind. You can take them down as easy as when you set them up. We deliver to UK, Ireland, and Europe all you have to do is click for speedly free UK delivery. We guarantee only the best products—strong and durable but in prices that are probably the cheapest in the market. For garden gazebos, we also supply sandbag weights and other related products.