3m Gazebo Banner Bars

3m Gazebo Banner Bars

15kg stackable gazebo weights

2x15kg Metal Gazebo Weights

4.5m Gazebo Banner Bars

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4.5m Pop Up Gazebo Banner Bars

Banner bars provide stability for Pop Up tents. These 4.5m banner bars are perfect for Pop Up gazebo heavy-duty tents and marquee pop up tents. Poptents are popular because of their high quality material and ease of assembly. They are strong and sturdy with tough jointing mechanisms. These 4.5m banner bars will fit 4.5m side of a 3m x 4.5m of the extreme range of poptents. Whatever type or color of banner you choose, whatever the weather is on your location, the 4.5m banner bars would assure that the banners will remain firm and stay in place. Take advantage of the strongest and most practical gazebos and marquees in the market. Poptents are delivered through out the UK, mainland Europe, and now also in Ireland.

4.5m banner bar will fit 3m x 4.5m poptent. We also print half walls for the banner bars